I have always been fascinated by Grasshoppers.  As a child at school, I remember standing by the bank, covered in long grasses and catching them in my hands to look at.  Of course, as soon as I opened my hands enough to see them, they would jump away.  I was always gentle with them.

I had been wondering about the Grasshopper as a totem for this Moon when I went to my drum circle.  After the circle I heard a bird calling which sounded exactly like a Grasshopper.  It turned out to be the Grasshopper Warbler and I took this as confirmation I had got it right.

I normally write about the totem of each Moon at the beginning of each but this time, despite liking Grasshoppers, it has taken me two weeks to get to it.  Last night I was thinking about why I was dragging my heels as I went to sleep.  In the morning I had my answer and the answer was Locusts.

I remember seeing footage of Locusts as a kid and finding them terrifying.  The voracious swarm destroying everything in it’s path….  However a few years ago my husband and I went on holiday to Lanzarote one November and our visit coincided with that of a swarm of Locusts.  They had been blown over from Africa and many were dying as they ran out of food.  They were bright pink and most of our encounters were with a few isolated individuals.

One day we drove up into the mountains where there a little agriculture and we came across the remains of the swarm in a high up valley.  The valley dropped steeply from the village down a series of switchback bends but you could stand at the top of this drop off and look down.  The swarm was flying over us down the drop off and I have never seen anything like it.  In that moment there was respect and beauty, terrifying respect and terrifying beauty, but all the same….

So Grasshopper….  My next step is to get to know Grasshopper a little better,including it’s darker side, but not tonight, I need to go to bed!