As normal, I have so many thing I have been thinking about but not the time to write them…

French has been calling me and poking me…  I never got a language GCSE despite learning three languages at school, with French being the one I studied longest.  Getting Glandular Fever stopped all that for me and I forgot pretty much everything I ever learnt.

At the beginning of the year where I work decided to strengthen our connections with France.  One day the other week, my Boss out of the blue asked us if any of use fancied learning French.  It is tricky now because we often have to deal with individuals who speak no English and given we work in a dangerous environment, not being able to communicate is tricky.  We quickly found that French classes begin again with the new school year in September…  But a seed was planted.


The next day there was a drama and for an hour or two there was the possibility of a flying trip to Paris to deliver something.  It didn’t happen but when I got into my car to go home my ipod, which was on shuffle, decided to play me a random French song I don’t remember ever having heard before.

I am learning to listen when I get a push like this, synchronicity always has a purpose…  I remembered an old online friend telling me that he learnt English by reading Lord of the Rings with a dictionary.  He wanted to read it as it was originally written so he just sat down and read it…  I like this idea.  I ordered two books, one a French blockbuster translated into English, the other and old classic fantasy book I have read many, many times.  I also ordered a dictionary.

I began and immediately discovered how much easier and simpler they make the exercises for you in French lessons…  A paragraph a day is about all I can manage but it is strangely rewarding.  I like puzzling it all out and the more people tell me that I am doing it the hard way, the more I like it *laugh*

I also remembered that I had a Picture book with stickers for kids to develop vocabulary and I have started working with this as well.  i do a page and then make a list of the vocab and take it to work and stick it on the side of my pc.  I do a lot of data entry and it is semi-automatic now so a list there is ideal…  And the book is web linked so I can hear all the words being spoken too.

We went to PC World last weekend and I discovered French language software.  It wasn’t cheap but Amazon sell it for a fraction of the price, a mere £10.  So now I have a variety of exercises, vocab, speech recognition, cd’s for my car, exercises for my ipod… 

Of course, there is a part of me that wonders why French, why now.  Maybe I will find out sometime, maybe not.  Maybe my French ancestors want to speak to me.  i was very surprised when I discovered the distant branch of the family that was called Galienne and came from Guernsey.  Maybe it is just about honouring them.  Maybe there are things I will need to do, dreams I need to have, people I need to visit, where French will be important.  Maybe I need to give my brain a different way of thinking that comes with a different language.

Maybe I just need a challenge.